NutriAct: „Nutritional Intervention: Food Patterns, Behavior, and Products“

After almost 7 years of successful research, the NutriAct funding period ends on 31.03.2022.

The main purpose of the cluster was to generate new knowledge and practical solutions on European wide and regional societal problems with the focus on nutrition by generating synergies through exchange of knowledge and through newly established collaboration across the boundaries of disciplines, technologies, and institutions. The interdisciplinary structure of the cluster connected and still connects experimental, epidemiological and clinical nutrition research with behavioral science and social medicine and both, subsequently, with food technology and food production. We could transform research results on consumer’s food choices and its consequences into a substantial improvement of dietary intake of the adult population through both, a behavioral strategy and new products.


The NutriAct Logo displays a spike, a peasecod and an olive branch, representing the main components of nutrition addressed in the cluster: dietary fibers, plant protein and unsaturated fatty acids.



The documentary of the four competence clusters for nutrition research DietBB, enable, NutriAct, and nutriCARD gives an exciting, informative overview of all four competence clusters and shows great selected projects in each case.

HERE you can find the documentary.