Project E - New Products

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Cornelia Rauh

Institute of food technology and food chemistry

Within Project E the Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry will develop new products that have a specific nutritional-physiological value taking into account the demands of older consumers and the latest scientific knowledge. Plant based proteins, fibers and other components that have a low glycemic index are to be used. The processing of these ingredients will be conducted with emerging and optimized technology concepts. A close cooperation with the nutritional study (Dife/Charite) is mandatory to gain a direct feedback concerning the taste, acceptance, and health benefits of the created products. Due to contacts within the regional food industry the Project E has access to products, specific production lines and knowledge concerning food technology. Further support will be given by The Institute for Food and Environmental Research, who have a high competence in process engineering and in the research of functional food ingredients. The two Leibniz institutes, The Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy and The Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, are incorporated into the sub-project for the selection of new specific raw materials (e.g., herbs, sprouts).