Project A - Food Pattern

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Matthias Schulze

German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke

Within Project A researchers from Dife and the Charite are working on the systematical survey, an assessment and evaluation of food patterns, to investigate their influence on the health typical for people living in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The researchers revert to the existing infrastructure of the EPIC-Potsdam-study, which has been running constantly since 1994. With the development and use of new statistical methods, food patterns shall be identified on a daily basis, as well as a meal basis. In addition, different known diets (DGE recommendation, Mediterranean diet, Nordic diet) will be compared to the NuriAct diet. Food pattern changes and the possible positive influence in the aged, especially during the transition from working life to retirement is investigated by Prof. Kuhlmey (Charite) based on interviews (n=30). She will be supported by Dr. Glende (YOUSE GmbH).