Conference of the Competence Clusters Nutrition Research - May 17-19 2021

This year marks the end of the six-year regular funding period of the four competence clusters nutrition research DietBB, enable, NutriAct and nutriCARD.                                                            

Since 2015, they have been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to specifically advance German nutrition research. A total of 24 grantees in different regions of Germany, four established junior research groups and many small and medium-sized companies from the food industry are involved.    
At the cluster conference in May 2021, the most important findings from the joint research activities of the last six years will be presented.                                                              

The first day of the international congress, held in German, will focus on the cooperation and successes of the competence clusters and future challenges of nutrition research in presentations and a panel discussion. On the following two days, four cross-cluster sessions are planned: "Innovative Research", "Food Strategies", "Future Nutrition" and "Personalized Nutrition" to stimulate scientific and professional exchange. Young scientists from the clusters will present their research through posters and pitches. Small and medium-sized partner companies of the competence clusters will present their developed products.          
In addition to the members of the competence clusters, scientists* and interested parties are kindly invited to the event.    
Contact and main organizer is the NutriAct office:

You can download the program HERE: